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Who should be MVP? Woody Paige knows.

Miguel Cabrera added another home run tonight. As of writing he is just one behind AL leader Josh Hamilton (42), who is scratched for Texas against “Los Angeles”. Cabrera, as of writing, also leads the AL in RBI’s and AVG. He is on the doorstep of the Triple Crown and banging on the door.

The discussion of possibly having the first Triple Crown King in 45 years needs to be louder. It needs to be boisterous. It needs every single baseball fan’s undivided attention. Why isn’t it? One name: Mike Trout. Don’t believe me? Here is an excerpt from today’s Around the Horn (lead discussion) where Woody Paige had an amazing moment of clarity and sense:

 Stat Boy: “Is it possible Cabrera has caught Trout? Possible he could win the TC? Possible the TC isn’t the TC anymore?

Bomani: “The only problem is it doesn’t really make you MVP.”

Woody: “Oh, Bo, you are so wrong.”

Smith: “Defense and base running also matter in baseball. Mike Trout is the best player and the most valuable player in the AL this year. It’s not even an argument.”

Gutierrez: “I still think Trout is still the front runner regardless if Cabrera wins the Triple Crown.”

Woody: “RBI’s mean a lot more than stolen bases.”

Smith: “WAR encompasses everythang. Quit talking bad about WAR, Woody.”

I’d like to add that Buster Olney’s also voting for Mike Trout. He registers an actual vote so this matters.

If you’re inept, wearing the crown means you led your respective league in AVG, HR and RBI’s over the course of one season. Read that again. It means you lead the league in hitting a baseball the best. It means you lead the league in hitting that same baseball over a green padded fence the most. It also means you sent more men to home plate than anyone else. You did this in a game called “baseball” where you can realistically only win if you hit the damn thing and send more men home to the plate than the other team. It means you’re the fucking man and you’re the fucking Most Valuable Player.

Let’s scratch more than this totally lame surface. Most sabermetrician in today’s era of ball just don’t see these stats as important. They believe how many web gems you accrue is more important. They like to think hypothetical stats and fucking GAME THEORY is the the true testament of one’s skill, not what you actually physically do. They’ll argue that Teddy Ballgame won the crown in ’47 only to lose the MVP to Joe DiMaggio.  They also like to leave out the part that was the first year we allowed black people to play so perhaps the voting panel wasn’t the brightest bunch. You can even look at DiMaggio’s stats… they were fucking horrid compared to Williams.

I’ll treat you with an ESPN Insider excerpt:

“On the other hand, Trout could be thought of as Aaron Rodgers, Chris Johnson, Clay Matthews and Darrelle Revis all rolled into one player.”

I actually pay the WWL to read this garbage.  Buster Olney is going to vote for “the other guy” because he’s, like, totally the MLB’s version of a Pro Bowl team. What the fuck does that even mean?!

Who gives a shit if Mickey Mantle’s ghost is playing center field in “Los Angeles” this season? We’ve already seen two instances of specters in the outfield. Hell, in 1994 the Angels themselves fielded an entire team of ’em.

Needs all the help he can get.

We’ve already seen this shit, it’s old hat. Seeing a TC winner is rarer than seeing a ghost donning stirrups. Doesn’t that tell you something about this Triple Crown thing?

I don’t have anything against the young Fish. I was there in Camden Yards when he did this:

I wuz there.

I have physically bared witnessed to his greatness. I can’t deny he’s a great ball player. He deserves the Rookie of the Year award, Silver Slugger and a Gold Glove. That’s a lot of hardware. His WAR is definitely out of control. He deserves many accolades and praise… just not the MVP (at this point).

Let’s not forget this is a lot of talk contingent on something that has not yet happened.  And they both play for teams currently not sitting in playoff spots.  2 weeks from now, I’m sure the MVP race will be a heaping mess but Trout’s still going to win anyway.  The hard-ons for the kid are too stiff… they aren’t going flaccid anytime soon. The only woody not sprung is Paige and I’m on his side so take that for what’s it worth.