NFL Top 10 Truth Rankings (aka Power)

I started a week late.  Get over it.

2012 NFL Top 10 Truth Rankings (Week 2)

  1. Texans (2-0) – Surprised? Look, Matt Schaub is better than Joe Flacco, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler… he’s better than most. Arian Foster is always #1. If you haven’t noticed, their defense IS the best in the league. This team can do pretty much do what it wants when it wants on both sides. They’re automatically in the play-offs due to their division so they can keep focused on games that actually matter.
  2. 49ers (2-0) – It is almost a toss-up here between these two. If the Texans O is an A+, the Niners are an A-. They toyed with the Lions. It was like Toy Story 4 & 5 out there in Candlestick. This team is going American Bad-Ass on us in front of our eyes (rollin’, rollin’, rollin’).
  3. Giants (1-1) – Guys, they were only down by 11 going into the fourth.  Against Tampa Bay.  Still, that’s a hell of a performance when you need it from your Super Bowl MVP.
  4. Packers (1-1) – Shook off an embarrassing home loss by dismantling a cocky Chicago squad. They only lost to the best team in the NFC on Day 1… cut them a break.
  5. Eagles (2-0) – A lot of people, even Philly fans, will say this is too high. Well, more wins than losses are still pretty important.  That’s really all they got. I don’t usually factor the refs in the decision, but I have to admit this game was officiated horribly. If it wasn’t for the MNF disaster, this was easily the worst one. Vick and Andy… turn the light switch on… please.
  6. Ravens (1-1) – They needed this win way more than the Eagles. For them, it was a statement game. I’ve been saying all along for the Eagles: this was a survival game. Can they survive 4-5 Vick turnovers? I usually don’t factor ref ineptitude in a game… but this was one was way too bad not to notice.
  7. Steelers (1-1) – I thought they were washed up. I didn’t think they had any kind of running game. They showed me up. OK, Pittsburgh, I see you.
  8. Falcons (2-0) – It was a debacle to watch. When you are gifted 4 turnovers in the 1st quarter… you need to come away with more than 10. That’s pathetic. Game should have been over by half-time. Jury is still out on Matthew Ice.
  9. Chargers (2-0) – So far, so good. They just need an actual test now and when Mathews is back this team only gets better.
  10. Cardinals (2-0) – I initially had them at #11.  Gotta give credit when it’s due.

Notable Snubs

Redskins (1-1) – RGIII has totally changed the makeup of the offense.  This is some serious shit here, folks.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they made a run for a Wildcard spot.

Patriots (1-1) – You deserve to get knocked out of the Top 10 when you allow Kevin Kolb to get more TD’s than Tom Brady. It’s just math.

Jets (1-1) – It’s clear this team gets a bit skittish and down when things aren’t going right for them. The moodiest team in the NFL. When things are going right, this team could beat anyone. When things are going wrong, they are the New York Jets.

Broncos (1-1) – What happened here? Peyton’s play held them back for the majority of this game.

Cowboys (1-1) – I was tempted to give them #10. They were an absolute mess, however and were never in that game.

Bears – (1-1) Nothing went right on TNF. Not one single thing. Jay Cutler, also.

And why the fuck is Rick Reilly even near the Monday Night set?  A club box at the Georgia Dome is like stepping into a Shell gas station for a man of his stature.


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